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Here are some of our secrets to bringing you excellent service. We want to share this with everyone so they can maintain their newly detailed vehicle and keep their care looking amazing. So many compaines are afraid to show their techniques, but we encourage it. Our Passion is vehicle care, because we invest so much into them. If you have any questions on taking care of your vehicle feel free to contact us. 
Clay Bar-surface prep bar
The clay bar is the starting point for silky smooth paint. Just as the name implies, this palmed sized chunk of pliable clay is used by rubbing across the surface of your paint to remove airborne contaminates that bond to your paint. These bonded contaminates create the unwanted texture of paint that will remain unless removed specifically with some form of surface prep bar.
Spray Wax
Another useful auto detailing tip, keeping a good spray wax as part of your arsenal is mandatory. With advances in modern chemical engineering, you get the best of everything in spray waxes. 
Micro Fiber Towels
Micro fiber has now officially replaced the age old, tried and tested diaper for wax removal. If you have never experienced a micro fiber, you are in for a real treat. Another tool of car detailing that is so versatile, we continue to find more and more uses of this wonder of textile engineering.