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BUFF IT OUT offers an elite detail package to fit the most exotic vehicles in the world. We start by examining the vehicles paint to find spots that need polishing. We hand wash the car in our Presidential Soap followed by a complete clay bar exfoliation on the vehicles luxury paint. This removes any harmful substances that stay on the paint and can cause extreme damage in the future.

All the wheels are carfully examined to remove any break bust and contaminates that may be harming the wheels. Once a complete detox is complete, we spend hours poishing your paint to perfection. This reduces swirl marks and scratchs that take away from the exotic vehicle look. 

After the polishing process is complete, we coat the vehicle in a ceramic coating that last up to 3 years. This ceramic coating protects your vehicle from harmful UV rays and natural contamination.

Then we coat the paintwork in a glaze that truly brings out a shine you have never seen before. A glaze provides the extra edge that will make your vehicle looking better than new. 

Our last step in coating the exotic paintwork, is our special wax only available to our PRESIDENTAL CUSTOMERS. Details about the wax include:
-Ultra-refined carnauba paste wax for shimmering wet shine
-9 stage filtering process ensures perfect purity
-Luxurious blend of refined Brazilian white carnauba wax and rare natural oils
-Used on some of the the finest, rarest, and most expensive cars on Earth
-Durable formula protects against the elements and enhances a shimmering shine for months on end

Our Presidential Package Also includes all of our other packages combined. 

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